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A New Generation of Smart Cameras

Machine Vision mit Smart-Kamera Caminax: angebracht auf einem Robterarm übernimmt sie Aufgaben wie Messen, Prüfen und Positionieren; Eröffnet neue Dimensionen der industriellen Bildverarbeitung

Caminax is operated graphical >
Good news for automation industry: Caminax’ operation is entirely graphical. Edit your image processing programs quick, fast and intuitively.

You don’t need any programming- or scripting-code. Nonetheless, Caminax is powerful like a big vision-system…







Caminax Module "Result"

Getting the final Results

Every inspection program ends with Caminax' result module. All "good" and "bad" results of preceeding moduls are combined to a final result.

With the remaining 3 unassigned digital I/O of the cameras you can define up to 8 types of results. Output can be delayed according to your process management.


  • Your system control is not only provided with good and bad results, but with a clear specification of the error type
  • Easy PLC communication via digital I/O (24 V optoentkoppelt)
  • Easy logic control links even complex relations

















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Module-View: Image 1
A Logic you can not resist >

Image 1
Final Settings >


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