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A New Generation of Smart Cameras

Machine Vision mit Smart-Kamera Caminax: angebracht auf einem Robterarm übernimmt sie Aufgaben wie Messen, Prüfen und Positionieren; Eröffnet neue Dimensionen der industriellen Bildverarbeitung

Caminax is operated graphical >
Good news for automation industry: Caminax’ operation is entirely graphical. Edit your image processing programs quick, fast and intuitively.

You don’t need any programming- or scripting-code. Nonetheless, Caminax is powerful like a big vision-system…







Caminax Module "Position"

It's good to know, where you are!

The “Position” module determines the position of an object edge. It gives the position reference to following modules and can use those from previous modules, too.


  • Compensation of position tolerances.
  • Fast and robust.
  • Edged based method.
  • Two Position modules can be used to get X- and Y-axis reference co-ordinates from different edges.











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