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Machine Vision mit Smart-Kamera Caminax: angebracht auf einem Robterarm übernimmt sie Aufgaben wie Messen, Prüfen und Positionieren; Eröffnet neue Dimensionen der industriellen Bildverarbeitung

Caminax is operated graphical >
Good news for automation industry: Caminax’ operation is entirely graphical. Edit your image processing programs quick, fast and intuitively.

You don’t need any programming- or scripting-code. Nonetheless, Caminax is powerful like a big vision-system…







Caminax Module "Area"

Everybody on Board?

The module “Area” determines the size of fields with certain brightness. The “Pixel Counter” is able to perform this operation with any number of ROIs (Region Of Interest). The ROIs even do not need to be adjacent. The Caminax “Multi-ROI” manager enables to create complex ROI shapes easily. Even shapes of e.g. meandering sealings get a suitable set of ROIs.

The Caminax module “Area” can adjust its thresholds with the results of the “Brightness” module. The position of the ROIs in the image can be adjusted with the results of preceding modules.

The center of gravities are available for subsequent modules. They can use these data for a position correction of their ROIs. They can use them as one point for a distance determination, too.


  • The area determined is available as a percentage value or as absolute value (e.g. pixel, mm²)
  • Completeness tests are performed on complex product shapes
  • Position correction is extremely fast with this module
  • The results of the “Area” module are rotation invariant
  • The module parameters are applies to all ROIs used
  • Well suited for surface inspections




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