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A New Generation of Smart Cameras

Machine vision with intelligent camera Caminax: image processing on a new level

Caminax is a smart camera…>  by FiberVision GmbH. The machine vision company as an exceptional know how at solving complex machine vision applications, both with PC and smart-cameras.

FiberVision’s machine vision experience is the basis for smart camera Caminax. Caminax continues the success of its predecessor CAMAT.







Caminax: A Smart Vision System

Vision System and Smart Camera

Typical smart cameras are easy to operate, but fit usually simple machine vision tasks, only. An exception are intelligent cameras programmed via an additional PC.

Caminax is different: Operation is easy and intuitive, but still Caminax is a real vision-system, and solves even elaborated measurement and inspection tasks with an excellent performance. As a real smart-camera Caminax does not need any PC, neither for operation, editing nor evaluation. Any usual VGA monitor and our keypad are all you need to handle Fiber Vision’s smart cameras.

Editing of programs on the camera is entirely graphical and intuitive: in contrast to other smart-cameras neither program- nor script-code is required. Colored overlays assist you while setting up programs. The brand-new and unique Multi-Window-Manager handles even up to 250 ROI (Region of interest) – per module. Moreover: You can edit Caminax while running using the live picture (Runtime-Editing).

Caminax is a smart camera you can calibrate. Thus, you can perform real measurements in all common units – at a stunning operation power. The latest image processing algorithms provide you with the highest precision. Caminax oversampling exceeds even conventional subpixeling approaches.

Caminax is available in six camera variants, among them a color-camera. Their computing power ranges between 1200 MIPS and 8000 MIPS. The latter would rival a 7,2 GHz Pentium.

Caminax is delivered in eight languages. You can easily switch among them while operating the smart camera. Other languages for our Vision-System are available on request.

Caminax: Smart Camera and full vision-system. Belonging to a new generation of machine vision products.

"Caminax? Caminax makes up an entirely new generation of smart cameras!"


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