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A New Generation of Smart Cameras

Every intelligent camera needs the fitting optics and lightning for solving inspection tasks

Machine Vision Accessory >
An intelligent Camera needs different components for optics and lightning depending on inspection task an environment conditions.

FiberVision offers both, machine vision primers and experts, workshops and courses with focus on your daily practice …







Machine Vision Accessory

Components for Smart Camera Caminax

Even the most intelligent camera works still better with the right accessory. Proper optics and lightning are as important in machine vision as powerful image processing algorithms.

In addition to fitting optics, lightning and other components FiberVision offers a breakout-box for facility and PLC-communication and another breakout-box for operation, network and video-purposes.

Machine vision primers  are offered a favorable starting kit, containing intelligent camera Caminax itself with keypad together with optics and lightning.

Please note: the right optics and lightning can vary remarkable with every inspection task and the environmental conditions of your facility. Nearly every machine vision and inspection task can be solved on very different ways.

Feel free to contact FiberVision, we would be glad to assist you with advise and to help you with fitting components and accessory.

"Caminax fits so smart and easy in our facility. It's a real easy-care improvement for managing our daily production."

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An intelligent camera needs the right accessory to use all of its powers
Optimal: an intelligent camera with fitting optics and lightning.

Accessory and Components for machine vision and image processing. FiberVision provides you with optics and lightning for smart cameras and vision systems.
FiberVision supplies accessory for intelligent cameras and assists you with selecting the fitting components.

A Breakout-Box for Caminax
Breakout-Box FV-EXT1 for Caminax

A Breakout-Box for Caminax
Breakout-Box FV-EXT2 for Caminax




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