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A New Generation of Smart Cameras

Machine Vision mit Smart-Kamera Caminax: angebracht auf einem Robterarm übernimmt sie Aufgaben wie Messen, Prüfen und Positionieren; Eröffnet neue Dimensionen der industriellen Bildverarbeitung

Caminax is operated graphical >
Good news for automation industry: Caminax’ operation is entirely graphical. Edit your image processing programs quick, fast and intuitively.

You don’t need any programming- or scripting-code. Nonetheless, Caminax is powerful like a big vision-system…








Caminax – Smart Kamera

Building Blocks to Your Success!

The test sequence of Caminax is defined by a program. The program defines what, when, how and where the inspection will be done. Don’t worry: You don’t need to have any programming skills to create the program. Caminax is designed for you!

You assemble the programs according to your inspection task using ready-made modules. Each Caminax module handles a specific machine vision task. All modules are configured in a very efficient and comfortable way using well-engineered tools. You will get used to the tools intuitively and you will find similar approaches in all modules.

Cross-Module Tools are:

Modules generate numeric results like distances and positions as well as good/bad-results. The results are available to all subsequent modules. They can be used there as input data. It is possible to adapt inspection settings with predecessor results as well as to combine these data with own results.

Each test sequence ends with the "Result"-module. It gathers the good/bad-results from all modules and connects them logically. The resulting all-over result is sent to the machine control (PLC).

Have a look at the menu at the left side. You will find detailed information on each module there. The right side menu with the thumbnails will give you further information on the cross-module Caminax tools.

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