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A New Generation of Smart Cameras

Optical inspection and image processing with machine vision system Caminax: control even the finest details

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With machine vision and image processing many objects and processes can be controlled and inspected for the first time. Intelligent cameras contributed a lot to this development. Smart camera Caminax features all the functionality of a vision-system…>





Applications with Caminax

Flexible Like a PC – Still Robust As a Sensor

Today, the machine vision industry provides solutions for a broad range of applications. The systems vary from simple sensors implemented on a smart camera to complex PC based vision systems. The advantages and disadvantages of either of these systems are well known.

Caminax Fills the Gap

The vision system Caminax combines the advantages of powerful and flexible PC based systems with those of the robust, reasonably priced and user friendly sensors.

Caminax Is Not a PC

PC based measuring and inspection systems often drop out due to hard disk or fan failures. Periodic maintenance as changing the filters and cleaning the system causes significant costs. Spare hard disks, power supplies, fans, filters and special communication hardware are expensive. They become a logistical challenge taking the fast progress of PC devices into consideration. Five year old PCs often cannot be repaired any more. Expensive additional hardware, e.g. for accessing the cameras or for the PLC connection might not be re-usable – not even taking problems with incompatible software into account! Thus, the PC power is bought dearly. Caminax is different: It has no moving parts.

Caminax Is Not a Sensor

Vision sensors provide limited functionality. They are specialized for certain tasks. They are hardly adaptable to other uses. Sensors are little communicative. They just say “good” or “bad”. The reason is not obvious since they do not feature a monitor output. Most sensors are programmed externally using PCs or laptops. Maintenance staff is necessary to chance parameters, to adapt the sensor to another product or just to check if the sensor works right. The operation staff cannot help to solve problems:
Operation staff: “It didn’t work yesterday.”
Maintenance staff: “Don’t know why. It works now!”
Caminax is different: The monitor output is easily understood and is always available.

Caminax has no wearing parts

The cooling is passive; there are not even any ventilation slots. Caminax is power supplied by the production line: Additional supplies (and their spare parts) are not necessary. The Caminax components are highly reliable. We usually can repair up to 10 year old systems if a component should fail anyway. The inspection tasks for vision systems keep the same for years. Caminax usually needs no software updates - but they will be available.

Caminax is quickly integrated into the line

Caminax comes with just three plugs to integrate it into the line:
The keypad und monitor connectors are used for the user interface. The power-PLC connector is the interface to the line. It provides both the operating voltage for Caminax and the communication interfaces to the machine.

Caminax is a Real Smart Camera

  • Self-sufficient: PCs are never needed.
  • Simple integration.
  • Simple operation: Little staff training is necessary – briefing is mostly sufficient.
  • Highly flexible: Adoptions to product changes are no problem.
  • Clear text messages: No cryptic codes!
  • Robust – even with adverse ambient conditions
  • Minimal maintenance necessary
  • Minimal down times
  • Simple spare parts list – Easy spare parts supply – All from just one supplier!
  • Low initial costs
  • Minimal operation costs

"Caminax is so flexible. Since Caminax we solve most machine vision-tasks with intelligent cameras from FiberVision"

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Intelligent camera Caminax saves you space and inspects your production like a big vision system
Caminax inspects color, shape, position, alignment, completeness and size…

Caminax image processing capabilities concern many parameters at one time
Inner and outer diameter, pattern, color integrity; or rather all of them?

Intelligent cameras are of growing importance for machine vision and quality control
Alignment, position, brightness, head size, length or quality?



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